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Somavision Updates

A new Monica fuck animation has been added. Check out this hot new girl getting reamed! Watch each scene come together as we complete the first ever CG porn film.

An all new series featuring the hot new Somavision Cyberbabe MONICA. This cute brunette is very willing to take some cock for hte good of the galaxy.

A repeatable Hailey hardcore animation clip has been added to the Animation Station. See this hot advanced cyberbabe getting her hole filled by the resident cyberstud.

An All new Harcore pictorial has been added!!

It features our most advanced new cyberbabe Hailey , in her most hardcore scene ever.

Check out this hot new set and get prepared for a new harcore animation featuring this gorgeous fuckslut.

A new test animation of Somavision's most advanced model every produced. Kara will be our newest spokesmodel and you can expect to see much more of her in the coming months.

A short animation of a seemingly drunk Staci is now being featured in her centerfold gallery.

A new centerfold model, Staci has been added to the babes centerfold gallery. Check back soon for her all new super hot video ceterfold.

A short Video Centerfold of Ally has been added to her Centerfold layout gallery.

We've Just gotten a new Cyberbabe in named Ally. She's just as hot as Kate and is eager to show eveything in her Debut Centerfold layout.

Our New centerfold Kate is now available in a 23 image series located in the centerfolds. Be sure to check out Kates video centerfold now available in her centerfold gallery

SomaDoll Updates

You can find new Julie centerfold images in her stills gallery. These images feature our new more realistic skin shader.

We've finally added a new Casting Couch Game. This month we feature Julie as our Casting Couch Cutie. Download the game and molest her to your hearts contnet in the Julie Casting Couch

Sorry for the delayed update. Some great new Lauren animations are now in the aniamtion studio. One features a hot new ejacualtion system that we've made to help finish off all of those great new animation scenes that are being added check it out.

The long wait for more of Doria getting all her beautiful holes filled has come!!! A new pictorial series has been added to Dorias growing centerfold portfolio. Witness Doria taking all of Richard Hard until he perfoms a facial on our stunning sex starlet.

A new animation with our popular somadoll babe, Lauren. A short animation features Lauren walking in full display of her various assets

10 more Hardcore still images have been added to the Natalie photo layout

A great new brunette SomaDoll, Natalie, has been added to the cast of virtual centerfolds. Check her out all this month as we continue to add both solo and hardcore stills and video content featuring this hot new SomaBabe!

A new video with Lauren can be found in the animation workshop. As with all our videos this movie features cd quality sound and full motion 3D animation. A hot new scene features this newest upcoming Somadoll in an explicit sex scene with the spacestation stud.

For those of you that can't get enough of Somadoll blonde babes, you're in luck with the newest addition to the somadoll model library. Lauren is a young, tight, fuck machine that you won't be able to get enough of. Featured this month in a super hardcore pictorial layout being totally deflowered by the spacestation dick.

You can see a special preview image of Lauren in the Free Centerfolds section.

An all new hardcore pictorial still set of Sydney getting fucked by Spaceman Dick has been added to the superfolds section.

We've added a new Somadoll Superfold for the month of Nov. Julie is featured in this new ultra-hot hardcore photo layout with the resident spaceman, Dick. Expect to see more of Julie as she will be featured in an upcoming version of the Casting Couch,

The Screen Test with the voice of Doria, Brittany climaxes with an exciting conclusion. A new 29 MB super sexy video where she speads wide with the help of a huge glass dildo. How does this relate to CG Centerfolds? Not sure.

Just put up Part 2 of the Screen Test video with Brittany. We get to see her even more up close and personal as she goes beyond recording Dorias' voice and treats us to a furious all nude video shoot.

Doria sex animation with the Dick has been extended

A new model, Brittany, has been added to the Screen Test Area. You might recognize Brittany's voice from the Doria games. As you will see in Brittany's videos, there is a reason why her cartoon counterpart is such a slut in front of the camera. Two more divx videos of Brittany will be added soon.

2 new hardcore images of Hannah getting hammered by the Dick are now available in the Superfolds Image Gallery

Two new divx videos have been added in the Somadoll Screen Test of our test with model PRIA. The session was "interesting" to say the least, and if nothing else it was brief. Members who enjoy watching slow motion train wrecks can check out select moments.

MEMBERS: Let me know what you think of these live action videos. Would you like to see more, or would you prefer to only see animated works? I'm trying to get better looking models to do voices, but they are few and far between.

An all new game site featuring the virtual centerfolds of Somadoll is now open. The new site, Somaslots.com is the first virtual online virtual casino where pussy is the payout.

On the site, you will be treated to an array of all original web based interactive table and card games. Upon increasing your earnins, you can purchase special movies and images featuring sex with your favorite somadolls that cannot be found anywhere else on the net.

Try it out now at www.somaslots.com

Now featured in the animation section is a new divx movie of Somadoll Doria getting rammed from behind by a spacestation stud. Look for more extended animation sequences coming soon.

A new Divx animation featuring Somadoll Hannah is now featured in the animation gallery. This is the first of many upcoming animations featuring hte latest in jiggling titties and penetration shots.

An all new writeup on the virtual sex application Virtualfem that includes images of thier interactive model and the communication interface.

SomaDoll is proud to present the opening of the Screen Test. Now for the first time our members will get a chance to see behind the scenes at the SomaDoll Studio. We make sure only the sexiest voice sluts are hired to work on our games. You can now get up close and personal with the talent behind the voices of SomaDoll as they prove they'll do anything to become a virtual idol.

Check back for new regular all live video updates to this section. You can get more info on the Screen Test in our virtual tour of the Somadoll Studio.


A new centerfold image of Sydney in the showroom. I've had several requests for more Sydney so there should be more of her on the way.

All new Hi-res image centerfold featuring Asian SomaDoll Suki in the Superfolds section

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