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On the SomaDoll Casting Couch you can choose the Somadoll of your choice and get up close and personal. By stimulating her somaspots located over her body you begin to get your somadoll aroused, unlocking other props and areas to stimulate.

The more you play with your somadoll the more that she will talk to you, letting you know that you're giving her what she wants. If you're able to get her fully aroused then both you and you Somadoll are treated to the ulitmate orgasmic climax.
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Download the full Version of Casting Couch in the SomaDoll Members area.
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Casting Couch features full CD quality sound and fully explicit adult animation produced by some of Hollywoods greatest CG talents. All somadoll dialogue is acted by some of the industries top voice talents.

The Casting Couch is a self-contained program which runs in both 640x480 and fullscreen mode on Windows computers (see system requirements for details).

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