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With the SomaDoll Strip O Matic you remotely control raygun arrmed robots as they carefully sharpshoot each piece of SomaDoll clothing until there's nothing left for your favorite model to hide behind. Everything has been animated by the pros using the latest 3D software, these cyberbeauties look so real you won't believe it's not the real thing.
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With the help of the SomaDoll Strip O Matic you control the pose and animation of your model as she prepares for her next raybath.
Download the full Version of Strip O Matic in the SomaDoll Members area.
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After you've completed your personal striptease, each girl rewards you with a 360 view of your virtual beauty.

Strip O Matic is a convergence of the most advanced online technology brings full motion SomaDolls to life with sound and video. Downloadable applications available from our members area can be run in both 640x480 and fullscreen mode on Windows computers (see system requirements for details).
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