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The SomaDoll Screen Test is where you go behind the scenes to see the talent that brings your favorite SomaDolls to life. You'll see that these actresses will do anything to make sure that their voice is heard on the greatest virtual centerfold site on the net. Full motion Divx videos feature the latest talent working hard and getting reamed on the SomaDoll Casting Couch.
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The SomaDoll
Screen Test

Full motion animation with sound. Live Action nude actress voice acting.
In the
SomaDoll Screen Test
you'll witness firsthand advancements as we complete full motion animations featuring real models completely nude and spreading their pussies so they can become virtual girls.
(screen not shown actual size)
Every Cyberbabe is featured in the animation workshop. This includes pre-vis models and early concepts of never before seen cybergirls. Nothing has been left out and new animations are added each month for returning members.
All the animations are featured in Divx Encoded video compression for crystal clarity and lightning fast downloads on all connections.
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